Welding Equipment

In main pipeline construction, the EURACORE Group of Companies uses advanced welding equipment and cutting-edge technologies of welding and assembly work accepted by the industry’s leading construction companies.

The Group has the following welding equipment available:

Automatic welding units:

Semiautomatic weldingequipment:

Electric-arc weldingequipment:

Equipment for submerged arc welding of double-pipe sections in rolling position:

Pipe-Welding Station in Vyksa

The EURACORE Group of Companies owns a BT-1420 pipe-welding station (PWS), which is located at the Vyksa Steel Works (VMZ OJSC). The PWS is equipped for STT welding, Innershieldself-shielded flux-cored welding, manual arc welding, and single-arc and tandem submerged arc welding. The PWS welding practices are certified for use at oil and gas production facilities, including the oil transportation company JSC Transneft and Gazprom OJSC sites. The PWS is designed for welding double-pipe sections from 700 to 1400 mm in diameter.

Double-pipe production is delivered by special railway transport included in the Group’s car fleet. Double-pipe sections speeds up the construction process by decreasing the number of joints welded on the route, significantly reducing the price of site works per 1 km of the pipeline, and improving the quality of welds, as a 24-meter section joint is welded at the PWS in the plant. Today, the PWS makes it possible to weld up to 40 joints per day.

Production Facility in Tyumen

At its production facility in Tyumen, the EURACORE Group of Companies carries out the following tasks:

— Diagnostics, maintenance, repair, and adjustment of:

— Training and proficiency testing for welders.

— Training and proficiency testing for insulation workers.

— Training for welding and X-ray equipment adjusters.



Ensures the assembly and fixation of the interface, automatically welding the bottom seam inside of the pipe.


CRC-EVANS has solved the problem of beveling by making a new complex edge profile completely perpendicular to the pipe axis. It is therefore possible to align perfectly every joint, while at the same time reducing the amount of weld metal.


CRC EVANS’s latest product in its line of external heads using single-arc welding, this head has modern microprocessor equipment and features a unique, automatic electrode extender. It can record all the welding parameters and can be preprogrammed for up to 32 welding layers with the possibility of automatic correction.

The head is compatible with PDA-type filofaxes and “digital” welding power sources.


The P600 is a state-of-the-art product of CRC-EVANS for automatic welding. It surpasses the P200 and P300 heads in efficiency and productivity, as it uses two arcs instead of one, which provides a higher deposition rate per one pass and a substantial increase of welding speed. Automatic welding heads have an integrated water-cooling system and use two pulse inverters as welding power sources. It is possible to operate the heads both separately and in tandem. Any of the heads can operate in the leading capacity in order to optimize control and improve welding quality. In addition, the P600 heads are equipped with an automatic weld axis tracking system, which allows for the strict positioning of each torch on the center of beveling, with the extendable distance calculated entirely automatically, without operator assistance. The performance advantages of heads with two torches are that they provide deposition approximately 60-70% higher than heads with one arc. The first torch makes a weld of thickness standard for the fill pass, and the second pass fills the weld with 60-70% of standard thickness, thus reducing the total number of passes.


Using STT technology, the Invertec STT II welding power source dramatically reduces spatter and fumes, eliminates burn-through, and welds parts together without a need for precise edge alignment. These features enhance the machine’s productivity and ensure a clean, quality weld. The LF-37 wire feeder is a new generation of portable and high-safety devices, designed for difficult construction projects.


The main advantage of the M300 welding head in comparison with the previous М220 model is a new microprocessor control unit. This design reduces maintenance costs and the need for spare parts. The M300 welder is portable, versatile, and easy to operate. Welding parameters persist even in variations of cable resistance. The operator can set limits to avoid combinations of welding parameters that would exceed heat input levels allowed by the certified welding procedure. The control unit has an LCD display that shows the pass number, travel and wire-feeding speed, and oscillation amplitude, as well as arc voltage.




The DC-400 device is a power source for completing semiautomatic welding systems (both for semiautomatic and manual arc welding). It allows welding either on the negative or constant resistance characteristic. Perfect weld-processing properties, high stability of welding parameters, and overall reliability lead to the efficient operation of this machine in main pipeline construction.


Designed for semiautomatic and automatic welding, the precise control of the DC-1000 delivers superior high-quality semiautomatic, flux-cored, submerged arc welding, and air carbon arc gouging with up to 5/8″ (15.9 mm) diameter carbons.


A new-generation device, this innovative solution from Lincoln Electric combines all benefits of its predecessors. The versatile V350 PRO is ready for almost any welding job based on modern arc control methods.


The LN-23P wire feeder is built for difficult work sites and is an excellent choice for high-performance field pipe welding using the Innershieldself-shielded flux-cored method. It is ideal for welding in difficult environments. The machine ensures high welding productivity: deposition rate factor in all attitude positions is about 1.8-4.0 kg/h.


The NA series welding heads are used in single-arc submerged welding applications. The NA-5 control provides precise welding monitoring, arc characteristics, and weld appearance. Due to the increase of weld metal, the machine can improve productivity and cut costs.

MILLER PRO HEAT 35 induction heat system

The Pro Heat 35 induction heat system is an advanced solution from Miller designed for the preheating and inter-layer heating of pipes. It eliminates the need for open-flame pipe heating and significantly reduces heating time. This system is especially essential for projects in northern regions.



BT 1420

The station is designed to weld double-pipe (including insulated) sections of 530-1420 mm in diameter with factory beveling. Regardless of the pipe diameter, it only takes 5-7 minutes to align two pipe sections.