Presentation of the Company Individual Entrepreneur “EURO COR GROUP” in the city of Tashkent

On the 2nd of March in the city of Tashkent a presentation of the Company Individual Entrepreneur “EURO COR GROUP” Ltd was held for industrial enterprises, mining companies and construction organizations of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The Uzbek Company Individual Entrepreneur “EURO COR GROUP” Ltd which is part of the “EURACOR” Group, has formed a Partnership with Russian and European companies to concentrate and use intellectual, scientific and production capabilities of partners for the complex solution of any issues of control, diagnostics, emergency investigation, expertise, development and implementation of modern technologies in the production processes of enterprises in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The following persons spoke at the presentation:

  1. Vladimir Vladimirovich Lischenko – Head of the Quality Control and Technical Supervision Department of Individual Entrepreneur “EURO COR GROUP” Ltd in Tashkent City.
  2. Report: Nondestructive testing by the method of Acoustic Emission of oil and gas, chemical industry and railway transport facilities.

  1. Andrey Viktorovich Maksimuk– “Samara” Research and development center” Ltd.

Report: Research and development in the field of corrosion protection of fuel and energy complex elements (borehole equipment, linear pipelines, tank farm, etc.), forensic and and pre-trial examination, engineering of pipe products and goods in the oil and gas industry, materials science.

  1. Alexey Alexandrovich Sazhaev – PhD, MBA, certified international welding engineer, “Expert Center of Bauman Moscow State Technical University”.

Report: Technical expertise, mechanical tests (destructive check), information support of enterprises on welding technologies and materials.

  1. Vasily Sergeyevich Plevkov – PhD, Professor, Tomsk Research and Production, Implementation, Construction and Expert Enterprise “Tomsk CEE”.

Report: The survey of buildings and installations for industrial and civil purposes, the survey of residential buildings, engineering constructions, structural calculation, re-building and reinforcement of building constructions and installations.

  1. Dmitry Sergeevich Neugodnikov – Fujifilm, Japan.

Report: Course of development and company’s products for industrial radiographic imaging

Enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan accepted the invitation to the presentation JSC “Uzneftegazdobycha”, “Uzkimyosanoat”, “ERIELL GmbH”, “Asia Trans Gas” Ltd, “LUKOIL”, JSC “Jizzax plastmassa”, JSC “Maxam-Chirchiq”, ” ENTER Engineering Pte.Ltd.”, UE “Kungradskiy soda plant”, OOO “Operating company Zarubezhneftegaz – GPD Central Asia”, Bukhara oil processing plant, Mubarek gas processing plant, Fergana oil refinery, JSC ” JSC «Uzbekiston temir yullari»”, JSC “Ferganaazot”, JSC “Navoiyazot”, JSC “Ammofos-Maksam”, UE “Dehkanabad potash fertilizer plant”, JV “Uz-Kor Gas Chemical”.